Best Mini Dancer Worldwide 2016

Sara Petrovski

Routine Title: I Wanna Be A Rockette
Dance School: Joanne Williamson Dance Academy
Country: Australia
Instagram: @sara.petrovski

Gia Franzoni

Routine Title: EYES on FIRE
Dance School: the HAUS of ROAYALS
Country: USA
Instagram: theHAUSofROYALS

Kaitlyn Ortega

Routine Title: EMERGENCY
Dance School: the HAUS of ROAYALS
Country: USA
Instagram: iamkaitlynortega

Teodora Galabova

Routine Title: Odalisque Variation from Le Corsaire
Dance School: National School of Arts - Bulgaria
Country: Bulgaria
Instagram: tedibalerina

Makenzie Esparza

Routine Title: Angels
Dance School: Imagery In Motion Dance
Country: United States
Instagram: @kenziejdancer

Best Junior Dancer Worldwide 2016

Kylie Vozza

Routine Title: Unravel
Dance School: Theatre Dance Academy
Country: Canada
Instagram: kyliev_dancer_

Brooklyn Slade

Routine Title: In The Distance
Dance School: Canadian Dance Company
Country: Canada
Instagram: @brooklyn_slade

Tessa Miracle

Routine Title: Feather on the Clyde
Dance School: 8 Count Dance
Country: United States
Instagram: @dancer_forevertessa

Hannah Justice

Routine Title: One Beautiful Evening
Dance School: Bourn Academy of Dance
Country: USA
Instagram: @hannahryleigh

Halle Lum

Routine Title: Awaken
Dance School: Ballet Hawaii
Country: USA
Instagram: @_hallelum_

Best Teen Dancer Worldwide 2016

Audrey Leonard

Routine Title: Compass
Dance School: Revolution Dance Academy
Country: USA
Instagram: @audreyyleonard

Mateo Leslie

Routine Title: Le Corsaire
Dance School: Gasper's School of Dance and Performing Arts
Country: USA
Instagram: @_mateoleslie_

Trixie Evania

Routine Title: Incantation
Dance School: The Next Step Performing Arts
Country: Australia
Instagram: @seergoodbye

Jemima Smith

Routine Title: Black Betty
Dance School: Ettingshausens
Country: Australia
Instagram: @jemimasmith

Bel Amadio

Routine Title: Elastic Heart
Dance School: Dance Arts Academy
Country: USA
Instagram: @beldancer28

Best Senior Dancer Worldwide 2016

Keiley West

Routine Title: Fame
Dance School: Dance Force
Country: Australia
Instagram: @misskew_

Allison Garcia

Routine Title: La Busqueda
Dance School: Ballet Clasico Alina Abreu
Country: Dominian Republic
Instagram: @alliballet

Leah Cousins

Routine Title: Smother
Dance School: Independant
Country: Canada
Instagram: Leanne_

Michelle Quiner

Routine Title: Rising
Dance School: North Jersey School of Dance Arts
Country: USA
Instagram: michellequiner

Jillian Quiner

Routine Title: Last Moment
Dance School: North Jersey School of Dance Arts
Country: USA
Instagram: quiner_sisters

Best Choreographic Film Project Worldwide 2016

*only 3 selected for Final Round

Jennie Swift & Ryan LoGistic Harston

Routine Title: Catharsis
Dance School: Black Box
Country: UK
Instagram: @jennieswift


Routine Title: Goodbye
Dance School: MusEffect, 501c3 company
Country: United States
Instagram: @MusEffect

Online Dance Company -powered by Millennium BCP

Routine Title: Online Dance Company Powered by Millennium BCP
Dance School: Online Dance Company Powered by Millennium BCP
Country: Portugal
Instagram: Online.Dance.Company

Best Dance Studio Worldwide 2016

Talent Co

Routine Title: Chaos Theory
Dance Studio: Talent Co. Dance & Entertainment
Country: Australia
Instagram: @talentcodancers

Mather Dance Company

Routine Title: Piece by Piece
Dance Studio: Mather Dance Company
Country: USA
Instagram: matherdancecompanyofficial

Canadian Dance Company

Routine Title: J.Jackson
Dance Studio: Canadian Dance Company
Country: Canada
Instagram: canadiandancecompany

L.A Talent Studio

Routine Title: HELLRAIZERS
Dance Studio: LA TALENT Studio
Country: Australia
Instagram: latalentstudio


Routine Title: PLAY OPEN WSB 2016
Dance Studio: PLAY - The Dance Agency
Country: Australia
Instagram: playdanceagency

Best Dance Photographer 2016

Dave Brewer Photography

Instagram: @davebrewer

D*Tuffino Photography

Instagram: @dtufino_photo

Rachel Neville

Instagram: @rachelnevillephoto


Instagram: @kayzar

Omar Z Robles

Instagram: @omarzrobles

Best Dancer on Instagram 2016

Juliet Doherty

Instagram: @julietdoherty

Christina Ricucci

Instagram: @christinaricucci

Harper Watters

Instagram: @theharperwatters

Kenneth San Jose

Instagram: @kensanjose

Kaylyn Slevin

Instagram: @kaylynslevin

Best Online Dance Magazine 2016

Dance Spirit

Country: USA

Dance Informa

Country: Australia/USA

Dance Studio Life - Rhee Gold

Dance Europe

Country: Europe

Teacher Magazine

Country: USA

Best Online Dance Store or Product 2016

Instagram: @ketodancewear

Discount Dance Supply

Instagram: @discountdance


Instagram: @energetiks

California Kisses

Instagram: @cal_kisses_dance

Instagram: @yumikoworld







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