How to Submit to the FREE DATABASE ONLY



STEP 1: Dance and Compete at your favourite local Dance Competition
STEP 2: Upload your routine/s to your very own YouTube Channel. (ask for your parent's permission and help if under 14)
STEP 3: Select your Age Division and Performance Categories on the Dance Upon a Dream website
STEP 4: Copy and paste the link from your YouTube video into the Dance Upon a Dream website
STEP 5: Finish off Entrant Profile. (must have Parents Permission if under 18yrs old)

YOU CAN UPLOAD OLD VIDEOS ! Just make sure you selct the age category that best reflects your age in the video so when people sort through videos your video is included in the correct age group. ! This will be awesome to see how dance has grown and developed over the years ! 

Congratulations! Your performance is there for the world to enjoy. Watch and see how you rank around the world.

 Submit Videos


Since Dance Upon a Dream is an international dance video database, the rules and divisions will be slightly different to your local competition. Take a quick look to see how we work to put you in the right division.

Dance Upon a Dream is a 'Competitive' collection of dance performances.  Dancers must have had more than 4 hours a week of training or have won before at a competitive competition in their regional area.

VIDEOS CAN BE FROM THE PAST - Just choose the age division that reflects the age you were in the video ! 


  • MINI - 7-10yrs
  • JUNIOR 11-12
  • TEEN 13-15
  • SENIOR 16 +

To average an age for groups, add up all the ages and divide by the amount of dancers n the group. Drop the decimal point to find the average age. For Example: 12.6 performs in the 12 yr old age group.


  • Solos
  • Duos/Trios
  • Small Group (4-9 dancers)
  • Large Group (10 or more dancers)
  • Production (20 or more dancers specifically a production number)
  • Boys Award (solos only)
  • New Division 'BEST IN STUDIO' (videos submission for dancers who are unable to get to a competition. Film a routine in a studio. Must stay within time limits. Can be filmed using a smart phone eg: iphone. Try not to edit video too much. Clear stable footage so viewers can see view of dancer/s. Everyone encouraged, let yourself be discovered)


  • Jazz - Contains traditional jazz movements and technique. Can also include Lyrical Jazz and elements of Jazz Funk. Gymnastic tricks are allowed but must be limited.
  • Lyrical / Contemporary - Dancers interpret the lyrics, mood and content of the music incorporating lyrical or jazz movement fused with modern elements. The line has become thin with Lyrical and Contemporary so it is only fitting to combine the two.
  • Hip Hop - Primarily Hip Hop Technique with Street or contemporary Jazz Funk. Please be conscious of inappropriate lyrics in music. Points deducted for use of bad language.
  • Musical Theatre - A routine interpreting a song from a Musical Theatre piece or Movie Musical with use of theatrical dance styles. Lip Syncing is allowed.
  • Ballet - Classical Ballet movements and technique. Ballet shoes must be worn. Pointe work in a routine must be for ages 12 and up. Must include 'Classical Pointe Technique' and steps. Can include and is encouraged to perform variations from Ballet repertoires. For example: Ballet Variations performed at Youth American Grand Prix, Prix de Lausanne or The Genée International Ballet Competition.
  • Tap - Tap techniques and clear beats in any style fast or slow. Make sure your routine's video displays the beats clearly for the viewers to hear.
  • Acro / Speciality -  Dance combines gymnastic passes and dance choreography. Acrobatic moves, walk overs, flips, limbers, chest rolls, handstands. Can also contain contortionist moves to show off flexibility. Must contain at least 50% dance choreography. All other speciality acts can enter this section including breakdancing.
  • Production - May contain any style or combination of styles. Must include at least 20 dancers and be 4-8 minutes long
  • Boys Award -Open - Any style of dance or combination of styles.





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